The Nourished Mind

The Nourished Mind: Building your Nutrition IQ one book at a time

Welcome to The Nourished Mind

The Nourished Mind is a 5-week book study and virtual community group for folks who are looking to learn, challenge their beliefs around diet culture and weight, and/or simply come together and chat with like-minded individuals in a safe, weight-neutral environment.

If you’ve been trying to learn more about the impact of diet culture, how to improve health without dieting, and ultimately how to improve your relationship with food and your body, you know how difficult it can be when it feels like everyone else close to you is still knee-deep in dieting. The Nourished Mind is a safe and supportive virtual community group that brings together anyone looking to ditch diet culture and expand their knowledge through reading and discussion.

Join Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor Jennifer Neale for 5 weeks as we kick off the first round of The Nourished Mind by reading Aubrey Gordon's "'You Just Need to Lose Weight' and 19 Other Myths About Fat People" and explore long-held beliefs and myths about weight, health, and weight stigma.

The Nourished Mind begins February 7, 2023 and will run every Tuesday evening from 8 pm - 9 pm EST until March 7, 2023.
There are only 10 spots available!
Cost is $97 for the entire 5-week program.

If you are someone who…

  • Is open minded and eager to learn more about weight bias and myths about weight and health
  • Enjoys reading or wants to read more but needs a little encouragement
  • Wants to improve your relationship with food and your body
  • Is looking for a safe and supportive community to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences in a place without judgment
  • Is not afraid to get a little uncomfortable challenging your own beliefs around health

    You're in the right place!

     What's the Format?

    The Nourished Mind is a 5-week program that starts February 7th, 2023 and consists of weekly 60-minute discussion calls via Zoom and a private community to ask questions and chat between calls.

    Participants will be asked to purchase Aubrey Gordon's "'You Just Need to Lose Weight' and 19 Other Myths About Fat People" in whatever format they choose (Book, eBook, Audio Book etc.) and each week will be asked to read certain sections to prepare for the discussion calls.

    Each discussion will be facilitated by Jennifer Neale, Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor so that participants have the opportunity to learn and ask questions from Jennifer as well as hear from each other.

    The program will be capped at 10 participants so that everyone has an opportunity to contribute and feel heard. As a group, we will also be establishing some collective ground rules so that participants feel safe and supported throughout each weekly discussion.

    About the Book 

    You need to lose weight and 19 other myths about fat people

    Written by Aubrey Gordon, co-host of the Maintenance Phase Podcast, this book addresses and debunks 20 different common myths around weight and health. Some of the topics discussed in the book include: weight loss, calories in, calories out, BMI, weight stigma, glorifying obesity, anti-fat bias, emotional eating, and much more. Aubrey also outlines opportunities to take action and push back against anti-fat bias. 

     We chose this book to kick off the Nourished Mind because this book is a great starting point to address some of those common questions that many people have if they're new to the concept of weight inclusivity or aren't quite sure how to separate body size from health. As a reader, Aubrey provides you with insights into her own personal experience as well as provides well-researched facts and action points to start expanding your beliefs about fat acceptance. We can't wait to dive in with you.

    Meet Your Facilitator

    Jennifer Neale, MSc. RD

    Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, the founder of Nutrition IQ, as well as a mom of two. Jennifer uses her expertise as a non-diet, weight-inclusive Dietitian to help clients achieve their health goals regardless of their body shape and size. She is very passionate about helping folks find food freedom and rejoin the table. She wholeheartedly believes that in order to challenge diet culture and weigh stigma, you have to start with your own personal bias.

    The Investment

    You can be part of The Nourished Mind for $97.

    This price includes:

    Weekly 60-minute facilitated discussions Tuesday evenings from 8 pm - 9 pm EST with Jennifer Neale, Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor (One-on-one counselling is typically $100-160 per assessment. This is a savings of $80+/week)

    A supportive and private forum to chat and ask questions

    Access to a secure app so you have the option to access the program from your desktop or your phone

    Don't Wait! Registration is limited to 10 people!

    Please note that this program may be covered under your employee health benefits plan. While we don't take insurance, you may be able to get your money reimbursed in part or in full depending on your plan.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to buy my own copy of the book?
    Yes, the book is not provided and you will have to buy your own copy. This allows you to purchase the book in whatever format you feel will best suit your learning style - Book, eBook, or Audiobook. We encourage you to purchase your copy of the book from a local bookstore or even make use of your local library.

    Weight and health can be very personal topics, how are you ensuring that the discussions are safe and supportive?
    In order to register for the Nourished Mind, participants will have to agree to a code of conduct in order to ensure that everyone is able to learn and chat in a safe environment. That code of conduct will be modified and agreed upon in the first session so that participants feel comfortable sharing with one another. That being said, with any learning that challenges long-standing beliefs, there may be some discomfort that arises. While this is normal and expected, the comfort of participants in marginalized bodies will be prioritized over others.

    What if I don't have time to read the book? Can I still participate?
    While you will get the most out of each discussion if you've read the sections of the book being discussed, you can still attend and participate in the discussion even if you didn't get a chance to read this week.

    What if I start the program but don't like it?
    If you register for the program, but change your mind, you can check out the refund policy here.

    What if I'm not interested in this book?
    While this is the first book discussed in the Nourished Mind, it won't be the last. You can get on the waitlist for the next book here and hopefully that will be more to your liking.

    If you have any questions about whether the Nourished Mind is right for you or if you need more information, feel free to reach out to