Nutrition IQ at Work


Webinars and lunch and learns created specifically to improve the health of employees at work. Topics include:

  • Intuitive Eating and Improving your Health
  • Healthy Eating 101: Back to Basics
  • Smart Snacking
  • Energize Your Workday: Healthy Eating to Improve Productivity
  • On the Run: Quick Meals for Busy People
  • Pack It: Easy Lunches for Work
  • Out and About: Eating Well in a Restaurant
  • And more...

Looking for something more specific? Seminars can be customized and white-labelled based on your needs.

Pricing starts at $500

White-labelled Nutrition Newsletter

Nutrition IQ offers a monthly white-labelled newsletter that features healthy recipes, tips, and links to relevant newsletters and blogs. Each month highlights a different nutrition topic. Add your own logo and website and send to your employees or clients in order to add value and increase retention.

Pricing starts at $250/month

Resource Development

Need nutrition-related pamphlets, brochures, presentations etc. for your workplace or clinic? Jennifer can help you develop resources on a variety of nutrition topics.

Pricing starts at $150/hour

Healthy Office Review

Improve the snacks and drinks you offer during meetings, conferences, and every day. Nutrition IQ can review your current health and wellness offerings and make suggestions to ensure that you are doing everything you can to set your employees up for success.

Pricing starts at $150/hr