Rejecting Diet Culture Replay

We hope you enjoy the replay of Rejecting Diet Culture 101! If you are interested in continuing your emotional eating education by becoming a Nourished Mama, you can join below. Want to wait for the next Live Program? Get on the waitlist for 2024 here.

Become a Nourished Mama

Don't want to wait until January, join the Nourished Mama Self-Study. In this self-study version of the Nourished Mama, you can start at any time and work through the program at your own pace. If you have questions as you complete the program, fear not, you still have opportunities to connect with Jennifer and Melisa via the secure chat platform.




If you have any questions about the workshop or about the Nourished Mama, don't hesitate to reach out to We are here to help!

Note: If you start with the self-study but decide later that you would prefer the live version, you can switch and only pay the difference in cost between the two programs.