Healthy Eating 101: Following the Balanced Plate (Individual)

Nutrition IQ

Healthy Eating 101 is an online webinar series consisting of six short videos and three handouts designed specifically to improve your health and well-being.

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About Healthy Eating 101

Forget the fad diets. We're aiming for small, sustainable changes for long-term health and wellness. In this webinar, you will learn the basics of simple, balanced eating for better health.

Healthy Eating 101 will cover:

  • What is healthy eating
  • Why we promote the balanced plate
  • How to achieve the balanced plate at breakfast, lunch, and supper
  • How to incorporate healthy snacks and sips into your day
  • How much to eat during your day

As part of this webinar you will also receive Nutrition IQ's "Build a Balanced Breakfast", "Build a Balanced Lunch & Supper", and "Balanced Meal Planner". These resources were designed specifically for this course in order to help you along your journey towards better health.

How it Works

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